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Current Bible Studies

Our Life Groups share teachers who rotate between the classes upon completion of a four-week Bible study. 

Introductory Survey of Church History (Young Life Group)

Dr. Fred Moritz is teaching an introductory survey of church history.  In this study, you will examine the beginnings of the churches after the New Testament era and how Christianity grew in several parts of the world. You will also learn something of the lives of major leaders in the history of the churches.

Book of James (Mid Life Group)

Bill Adams is teaching through the book of James. This study of practical principles from the book of James reveals that genuine faith should make a genuine difference in the way a person lives. Handling trials, dealing with temptation, and controlling the tongue are example topics covered in this study.

Perspective from Adversity (Senior Life Group)

Dave Mincy is teaching on the Perspective from AdversityThe purpose of the adversity faced in our lives as believers is often not understood until years later...and, sometimes, not until we reach heaven. We will look into the lives of four Christians from the past to learn their stories and be encouraged and comforted by the spiritual fruit of adversity evidenced in their lives. (II Corinthians 1:3-7)